New Website

With grad school applications in full swing, I thought it prudent to update my website. Every website that I have made since I was 15 years old has had a blog on it. I also have written maybe 5 blog posts in that time. Each time I add a blog I resolve to write more. Perhaps this time I will succeed, although life is busy between work as an Instructional Support Assitant, applying to schools, taking a computer security course, volunteering, and trying to exercise more.

I would like somehow to host my old websites along side this one to satisfy my nostalgic tendencies. This is the fourth time I have remade my website. The first and third editions should not be too difficult to host as I still have the source code and they are just static sites. If I remember correctly, the second edition used PHP to fetch from an old Tumblr blog but that could simply be removed.

This is the first time I have used something like Hugo instead of building a completely bespoke website, but it seems a lot less time consuming overall. Plus my design chops are weak and pre-built themes with customizable colors are just so beautifully convenient.

It also supports syntax highlighting for code blocks right out of the gate. Please, have some Lua for the occasion (also doubles as Python if necessary)

print("Hello World!")

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