rossevansgames - Version 3.0

The third iteration of my website, 3.0, was built in June of 2018. I felt lucky to have gotten my first co-op job at Sony, and realized my web development skills had seriously improved since my last update in 2015. I therefore took the time to try and make the website more reflective of my development skill set.

I sought to address a few major issues that I had with the previous design of the website. The second edition had used PHP to fetch and display tumblr blog posts, jQuery to animate scrolling, and iFrames to display projects. Although this had been the defacto front page for a long time, it lacked a lot - there was no responsive design and load times were enormous due to a scrolling image background. Additionally, since I hacked my way through creating a single page application, there was no ability to link to individual parts of the webpage.

The third version of my website used React, along with a simple markdown blog system that I wrote to avoid the peril’s of Tumblr’s API (as well as the fact that a portfolio site shouldn’t need a backend).

You can view the old version of the website here